Alabama tactical shooting range annoys neighboring residents (video).

Gunshots ring out at the Alabama Tactical Shooters Gun Range.…

Gunshots ring out at the Alabama Tactical Shooters Gun Range. It’s a sound that nearby neighbors say they hear all the time, from 9am to 9pm seven days a week.

“I can’t believe there is not a law of some nature that protects citizens from this type of harassment. It affects our property values, affects our daily activities. Now if that’s not a public nuisance, what is?” said resident Dennis Jones.

Residents have come to the Marshall County Commission, Guntersville City Council, and now the Albertville City Council to get some help.

But the problem is the shooting range’s 160 acres sit in both Guntersville and Albertville police jurisdictions. And no one seems to know who should govern the property.

Source: Ellis Eskew for WAAYTV.

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  • Matt in Oklahoma

    When you sit at home and do not get activly involved in what is happening beyond your living room and allow things to be built, well you reap what you sow. Move

  • Dan