Alcoa Armor Chosen by the U.S. Army for Military Vehicles

Alcoa Inc. developed a new armor product, for use in…

Alcoa Inc. developed a new armor product, for use in military vehicles by the U.S. Army Research Lab. Alcoa’s ArmX 5456-H151 armor plate has been specified for use after meeting the U.S. military’s highest performance standards for strength, blast absorption and ballistics resistance for armored combat vehicles where weldability is a material requirement, the company said in a news release.

“Alcoa’s military-grade aluminum alloys and products have helped the U.S. military protect troops for generations,” Mark Vrablec, Alcoa’s president of Global Aerospace, Transportation and Industrial Rolled Products, said. “Alcoa’s latest innovation allows military vehicle manufacturers to continue building with the highest level of durability and troop protection through welding processes when assembling the vehicle, or performing repairs in the field.”


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  • Wally11B

    I don’t give a rats ass how great the armor is. If the bottom of the vehicle is flat, it doesn’t give me a warm and fuzzy about rolling over a couple hundred pounds of HME or a pressure plate attached to an EFP. Which of course will be the TTP for anyone else we go to war with, but hey, what do I know, I just spent most of my young adult life chumming for IEDs in several hell holes, which I must say was a total blast. 😉

  • JH

    Sorry I meant to say ‘combat’.

  • JH

    the Littoral Combat ships are made with alcoa aluminum and that has been proven a terrible choice. They rust hella fast and are ‘not cobat survivable’.