All Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) officers to be issued stun guns.

Every Bay Area Rapid Transit police officer will soon be…

Every Bay Area Rapid Transit police officer will soon be issued stun guns.

The agency’s board on Thursday approved the purchase of 130 more Tasers. The additional weapons will eliminate the practice of some officers having to check the devices out of a common pool.

The $140,775 purchase of the additional stun guns was recommended by outside consultants following the fatal 2009 New Year’s Day shooting of Oscar Grant by then BART police officer Johannes Mehserle.

Grant, who was shot on a train station platform, was unarmed. Mehserle has claimed he thought he was firing his stun gun.

Source: The Associated Press via Mercury News.

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  • Hazekamp

    Love how both the headline and the article incorrectly refer to a taser as a stun gun and vice versa. There is a difference between the two devices referred to in this article, perhaps the associated press could take the time to report correctly.