Ammended gun law in effect for New York convicts.

A suggestion by local State Police has led to the…

A suggestion by local State Police has led to the amendment of a state weapon law for certain convicted individuals.

New York State Penal Law was amended in August 2011 to include antique firearms, black-powder rifles and shotguns, and any muzzle-loading firearm to the list of prohibited weapons for individuals convicted of a felony or serious offense, according to a State Police press release.

“The bottom line, in our opinion, is that a modern day in-line, muzzle-loading rifle is basically a single-shot rifle,” he said. “The pure mechanics of them make them easy to reload.”

Prior to the newly amended law, those individuals were allowed to possess such weapons, but now if they are found with them, they will face a misdemeanor charge.

“It’ll keep law enforcement safe,” Keniston added.

Source: Rebecca Webster for The Press-Republican via

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  • Adam

    Jeff, you do realize that Federal laws don’t apply in the People’s Republic of New York. You should also be able to transport an unloaded firearm in a locked container while traveling through the state to a destination outside of the state, or properly checked on an airline, but NY has violated that too.

  • FatherPatriot

    Yeah, because they have to be real worried about those criminals out there with blackpowder pistols designed in the 1800’s….meanwhile the police get to have tanks, grenades, automatic rifles. Who are you more worried about?!

  • Jeff

    Does the law allow them to do that?-Isn’t the BATF and the Federal Governments prememinents in regulating firearms define those curios as non-firearms superscede this law?-No doubt someone will raise this defense.