Ammo costs low for local Ohio police department.

Image: Springfield Police Division spent less than a quarter…


Springfield Police Division spent less than a quarter of what a similar-sized Northern Cincinnati suburb police force spent on ammunition last year.

Springfield police spent about $17,000 on ammunition for training and qualifying its 127 uniform patrol and Special Operations Unit members while the approximately 110-member Hamilton Police Department spent about $71,700 for nearly the same caliber pistols, rifles and shotguns, a Springfield News-Sun analysis found.

Part of the difference is how much time the departments’ sworn staff spend shooting at their ranges.

By contrast, the Hamilton department requires eight-hour, twice-a-year sessions of its uniformed officers and monthly, eight-hour sessions of its Special Weapons and Tactics officers, police officials said. SWAT members who use sniper rifles spend an additional eight hours of training each month.

Springfield officers are invited to practice and train at an open range once each month, said Lt. Brad Moos. Their Special Operations Team, similar to a SWAT team, trains up to four times a month.

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  • VTGunner

    @Adam “some departments” i.e. not the norm. I would rather the people who carry around a weapon for a living be extremely well trained with it. I don’t mind my tax dollars going to a police force that is all around competent in it’s duties and responsibilities.

  • Adam

    You have to remember that some departments, one that I deal with a lot, have close to 50% of the officers involved in USPSA / IDPA on their own time with their own ammo. Also remember that I would rather have them spend less money and do things on their own than pay more in tax dollars.

  • Todd in RPK

    If I was the Chief of that dept., I don’t think I would be adverstising that my officers don’t train that often with their firearms, duh.

  • kurt

    Maybe the people of that Ohio town like having under trained officers.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    @VTGunner yep and thats still more range time than most departments of all kinds of LEO agencies. The Security Guard at the shopping mall is required to shoot a tougher course than we do. How sad is that? I’ve seen TAC teams that trained once a year for 8hrs and their administrators think they will do well when the time arises. It’s mismanagement like this that causes stupid governing regulatory laws.

  • VTGunner

    So basically the one department is screwing over their officers by not giving them an appropriate amount of range time with their weapons…

    I’d find a new department