Ammo Shortage Continues, Gun Owners Stocking Up

AUROROA, Colorado–  The absence of gun ammunition in gun stores…

AUROROA, Colorado–  The absence of gun ammunition in gun stores nationwide has been a problem since the Obama inauguration, but the phenomenon is now gaining widespread coverage in larger media outlets.  The newsmedia is blaming the lack of ammunition availability on the fear that Obama will incrase taxes on bullets or enact new gun control measures.  Regardless of the reasons why shooters are stocking up on ammo, gun shops are imposing limits on how much ammo one person can buy.

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  • JVC

    Here is another perspective.

    This may be news to some on this website, but the Democratic Party is not monolithic on gun rights issues. As a practical matter, there are too many pro-gun, conservative Democratic legislators elected from Western states that will block any attempt by liberal Democrats from urban areas as well as the East and West coasts.

    Fact is, this administration has actually expanded gun rights by allowing firearms into National Parks.

    In addition, the checks and balances between the three branches of the US government as laid-out in the Constitution are alive and well, preventing any sort of blanket ban on weapons. The Supreme Court, mainly conservative, would immediately strike-down any such blanket ban or onerous regulation. It has already done so by ruling the Washington DC hand gun ban as un-Constitutional.

    Since there is no consensus in the Democratic Party on gun rights, it next to impossible to put a bill on the President’s desk resulting in either an outright firearms ban or burdensome regulations creating a de-facto ban.

    The poster who said the shortage is the results of an “American Panic attack” is correct. It may feel good to make statements that ostensibly put one on the side of being a patriot, defender of Constitutional rights and that reinforce one’s own political biases or distaste of the current President. However, most of these statements, accusations and fears are sensational, not based on fact and conveniently ignore contradicting information. Sensationalized statements from fearful gun owners generally only serve the purposes of reinforcing entrenched opinions that are generally not based on reality and rile-up gun owners like myself (and others on this message board), resulting in us going out and buying loads of ammo.

    The real threat to America is not the US government, but rather it is the latent terrorist threat growing in our neighborhoods and the corruption that comes with the growing illegal drug trade. Militant Islam is becoming a potent motivating force for self-radicalizing individuals. And the growing wealth and influence of drug traffickers and their corruption of public authorities is an equally dangerous threat. Terrorism and drug trafficking are linked and together present a far more dangerous threat to our individual liberties than Congress.

  • John WV

    Not a gun ban yet.. Its an American Panic attack.
    Everyone ran out and got what they think they may need if banned. I did same. Got my AR-15 (2). Why two. I wanted one original stock and 1 custom. I do take them to the range. .223 rounds are available now. So lets see whats next. No .380 rounds. 9mm is starting to show up. No 10mm . Gee help. LOL. Report from West Virginia. .40 available. No 45.

  • AirBossN80

    This is a Gun Ban anyway you look at it. It just doesn’t say it in big letters.