Ammunition prices nearly double for Eau Claire County sheriff’s dept. (video)

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WQOW TV: Eau Claire, WI NEWS18 News, Weather, and Sports

“It’s crept up incrementally, but not huge. Not like this, we’ve not seen a spike like this,” says Sheriff Ron Cramer.

The cost of ammunition is on the rise for the Eau Claire County Sheriff’s Department.

“Last year I think our costs for the total ammunition was around $14,000, and that includes rifle rounds, shotgun rounds, our ammunition for our .40 caliber weapons,” Sheriff Cramer says.

This year, the department will have to shell out an extra $10,000 for the same amount of ammunition.

“After the Sandy Hook school shooting, a lot of things were being bantered around, and that’s when they started talking about the ban on assault rifles, ban on certain types of ammunition, that’s really when it became clear that the prices were starting to drive up,” Cramer says.

Source: Megan Wiebold for WQOW18

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