Another tourist arrested for illegal gun possession in Manhattan.

Image: Fred Vankirk, 59, of Columbus, was slapped with…


Fred Vankirk, 59, of Columbus, was slapped with handcuffs at about 11 a.m. Saturday after cops found two .357 Magnum pistols and a .45 semiautomatic in his room at the Radisson Hotel on Lexington Avenue near East 48th Street, police sources said.

One of the Magnums, a five-shot revolver, had been spotted loaded and sitting in plain view on a nightstand, the sources said.

Vankirk, who has no criminal history, told the arresting officer, “I have three guns in the hotel room. Is that what this is about?” a court complaint alleges.

He was charged with three counts of second-degree gun possession and being held on $50,000 bond, court papers show. Each count carries a potential sentence of five to 15 years, to be served concurrently if a conviction results.

Tennessee nurse Meredith Graves was arrested on Dec. 22 after she tried to check her .32-caliber Kel-Tec pistol at the 9/11 Memorial. Indiana jeweler Ryan Jerome, 28, was nabbed after trying to check his .45 Ruger at the Empire State Building on Sept. 27.

Source: Jamie Schram for the N.Y. Post.

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  • Sorry, “no” place is worth giving up your freedoms. And why anyone would travel to occupied city controlled by freedom hating leaders is beyond me. NYC is no place for freedom lovers.

  • I of course don’t leave anywhere near the NYC area. I carry two S&W M&P 9mm handguns with 23 round extended capacity magazines along with an additional 6 – 17 round magazines. This is all carried in a double gun shoulder rig. My state of course has both open carry and concealed carry. You couldn’t pay me enough to step foot in a state where I could not carry every day. And the day the TSA VIPR teams come to my state will be a very interesting and news worthy day. To all freedom loving New York city residents, to place is worth giving up your freedoms. Leave while you still can.

  • Wizard1975

    According to the post, he ordered room service and the waiter saw it on his nightstand and called security. Which in turned called the Police. Sorry it is NYC, and this is a big no no. They love to get people on gun charges except for the criminals that roam the street here.

    I live in NJ and personally have 4 CCW permits from other states. I would never in a million years bring a firearm into NYC.

  • EGS

    What the hell is going on? FIrstly, Mr Vankirk asking about the arrest seems to intend that he really didn’t know what was going on at the time of the arrest. what lead to a search of his room to determine he had the guns in the first place?
    As far as the others, what happened to “Practical Wisdom”? tell them to take the firearms home before being admitted. Just arresting the persons is an act of a lack of discretion.