Anti-drone bill pushed by local lawmaker

Drones have become a popular tool for the military to…

Drones have become a popular tool for the military to fire rockets at suspected terrorists in places like Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen. But a local state lawmaker is trying to stop unmanned planes from being used by local police.

His concern is, privacy.

Republican State Sen. Joe Negron of Palm City is pushing the bill that would ban drones from being used by police to do surveillance, help on high-speed chases or gather evidence.

He calls it the Freedom from Unwanted Surveillance Act, and it has already won a crucial vote in committee.

The team at RC Revolution on Okeechobee Boulevard – who have built increasingly sophisticated drones over the last few years – say privacy concerns are unavoidable.

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  • Johnny

    This is pushing it way to far; I agree with fred no compromizie on this.

  • fred

    this government we now have with the furher obama at the helm has proven beyond any doubt that he cannot be trusted. therefore, no drones in the united states air space. there can be no compromize on this issue.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Balance in all things. They might want it for those issues but they will misuse it.