VIDEO: Full Auto AR-15 Meltdown Test of an Adams Arms Piston Upper

YouTuber Iraqveteran8888 is back with another sick full auto AR-15 meltdown test. In his latest clip, he tests out a bare bones Adams Arms piston upper.

The last time we checked in with prominent gun YouTuber Iraqveteran8888, he performed a full auto AR-15 meltdown test on a Palmetto State Armory direct gas impingement upper. Now, he’s back with another entry in his meltdown series, this time putting a factory Adams Arms AR-15 piston upper through its paces.

Here’s why he chose the Adams Arms upper:

“There’s nothing wrong with direct gas impingement, but a lot of people like the piston uppers … We’re gonna see how many rounds in full auto it takes to kill an entry-level piston system, just to see how this system compares to an entry-level direct gas impingement system which we ran in the last video.”

So how’d the Adams Arms upper fare in this AR-15 meltdown test? Watch the video above to find out, and be sure to comment on which type of AR upper you’d like to see killed next.

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