Arizona border police on heightened alert after receiving threats from Mexican drug gang.

Police in an Arizona border city are on heightened alert…

Police in an Arizona border city are on heightened alert after receiving a warning from a Mexican drug cartel that officers may be targeted if they carry out off-duty drug busts, authorities said on Tuesday.

Nogales Police Chief Jeff Kirkham said the department received the threat through an informant after two off-duty policemen seized 400 pounds (182 kg) of marijuana while horseback riding outside the city in early June.

“The warning was … that the officers, if they are off duty, are to look the other way and ignore any drug trafficking loads that are coming across the border, otherwise they will be targeted,” Kirkham told Reuters.

Arizona straddles a major corridor for Mexican smugglers who haul illegal immigrants and drugs north to the United States in a illicit trade worth billions of dollars a year.

Cartel turf wars and attacks on police have killed more than 25,000 people across Mexico since President Felipe Calderon launched a military crackdown on drug gangs in late 2006.

In recent years, U.S. authorities have become increasingly concerned about drug violence spilling over the border and taking hold in the United States.

Kirkham said he took the threats against Nogales police “very seriously.” He said he had asked the Border Patrol for additional support, and had ordered officers to carry communications equipment and guns at all times.

Source: Reuters

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  • Nate

    +1 For Jeff!!! AMEN!!

  • it seems to me that the mexican people need to take a stand as well as their goverment,because the cartells are well on their way to starting a all out war like they could never fathom.

    the cartells have shaped themselfs to a real terrorist threat.”not just narco terrorist,but providers of hate”

    its actions like this that raise the level force at our borders. i almost hate to make these replies as its preaching to the quire.

    it should be law that all mexicans that seek a free life here in the states read and reply to posts like this! and understand why so many people
    are fed up with this matter.

    why in the world would anybody want them in the US if they rufuse to defend their own country from
    the cartells,or their goverment,or crooked cops?

    im sorry to say it but its time the good mexican people stop being cowards,and leave the US to go back to mexico and take their country back.

    its kinda funny that as soon as mexicans feet hit US soil all they want to talk about is how proud of being mexican they are,well they cant be to proud or they would be back in mexico throwing the thugs out!

    dont get me wrong the US could take the same advice.”and did…..we call it the tea party”

    if you look past the BS elect you local sell out politics you will see that mexicans are not that proud to be mexicans,and thats why they all want to be…..AMERICANS!!!!

    yea i said it!