Arizona considering official state firearm.

Arizona has a state flower, a state tree, even an…

Arizona has a state flower, a state tree, even an official state neck wear. And coming this year it could have its own official state firearm.

Senate Bill 1610 would amend the Arizona Constitution to name the Colt single-action army revolver as the state’s official firearm.

The revolver was first manufactured in the 1870s and quickly became standard issue for those who enlisted in the

U.S. Army. The weapon is considered a collector’s item today.

SB 1610 was introduced Monday for consideration at 2 p.m. Tuesday by the Senate Appropriations Committee and is co-sponsored by at least 43 Arizona senators and representatives, just under half the 90-member Legislature.

Source: Scott Davis for KPHO.

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  • General Jim M

    If they want to stem the tide the state gun must be…..the vulcan rotating cannon.