Arizona deputy shot outside Phoenix with AK-47; illegal immigrants suspected.

A veteran sheriff's deputy was shot and wounded Friday after…

A veteran sheriff’s deputy was shot and wounded Friday after encountering a group of suspected illegal immigrants who apparently had been hauling bales of marijuana along a major smuggling corridor in the Arizona desert — a violent episode that comes amid a heated national debate over immigration.

State and federal law enforcement agencies deployed helicopters and scores of officers in pursuit of the suspects after the deputy was shot with an AK-47 on Friday afternoon, and the search continued into the night. Deputy Louie Puroll, 53, had a chunk of skin torn from just above his left kidney, but the wound was not serious. He was released Friday night from Casa Grande Regional Medical Center.

The shooting was likely to add fuel to an already fiery national debate sparked last week by the signing of an Arizona law aimed at cracking down on illegal immigration in the state.

Puroll was found in the desert after a frantic hourlong search, suffering from a gunshot wound, Pinal County sheriff’s Lt. Tamatha Villar said. The 15-year department veteran had been performing smuggling interdiction work before finding the bales of marijuana and encountering the five suspected illegal immigrants, two armed with rifles.

“He was out on his routine daily patrol in the area when he encountered a load of marijuana out in the desert. He obviously confronted the individuals and took fire,” Villar told The Associated Press. “I was speaking with him just a bit ago, and he’s doing fantastic.”

The deputy was alone about five miles from a rest stop along Interstate 8, about halfway between Phoenix and Tucson. The area is a well-known smuggling corridor for drugs and illegal immigrants headed from Mexico to Phoenix and the U.S. interior.

Source: Bob Christie for Yahoo! News AP

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  • i too think we should call it like it is mexican terrorist’s sneeking drugs into the US,and just like any other terrorist arab or otherwise they should delt with swiftly and with the force of every recorce at our finger tips.

    yea! just like the oil rig in the gulf of mexico. the obamaites are just a sick bunch of commi scum,that will slither around on their bellys to get what they want! i understand the contex in wich MR Ingold is speaking and its sad but true. i know oil rigs dont just fall down! and i would really like a chance to inspect the ak used to shoot MR puroll.

    i bet its one produced by russia’s factory in south america,that yugo chavez so kindly provived for his commi cohorts. “thats a fact! chavaz gave the boys in red a island where ak 47’s are being produced”

    now as far as obama having anything to do with the oil rig disaster i dont have any proof but the time’n shure is good.”all the talk of bs green projects that will not work as an excuse not to drill for oil in the US”obama was aginst drilling in the gulf untill just resently when he did a surprise 180 degree turn on the matter.

    trust me there are plenty of ways to produce enough fossil fuel free power for the US to run,but we will never see one because this and every other admin. is in the biz of keeping the US strickly arab oil dependent.

    i really think its time we as citizens employ the military we pay for as tax payers to throw out the all the crooks in politics,and take our country back!

    with that being said god bless our armed forces,
    long live the United States of America,
    and welcome to the tea party!

    with kindest regards,every red blooded
    good harted,honest
    hard working,american
    p.s. were not going away!

  • How about a Mexican Narco Terrorist who had “invaded” America w drugs for sale….illegal immigrants..w AKs…ridiculous. Barry, Eric, Bloomberg etc. etc. keep blaming the Mexican violence on American guns smuggled to Mexico…we know this is simply a red herring for the Obamaites to attempt gun control before their super majority diappears in Nov.