Arizona police sergeant posts picture of bullet-ridden Obama on his Facebook, gets demotion.

Image: An Arizona police sergeant who posted a photo…


An Arizona police sergeant who posted a photo on his Facebook account showing youths with guns posing with an apparently bullet-ridden t-shirt with a picture of President Obama on it has been demoted, authorities said on Tuesday.

Patrick Shearer, a 25-year-veteran of the Peoria, Arizona, police department, will be dropped in rank to officer and receive a two-week unpaid suspension for the incident that sparked a U.S. Secret Service investigation, Police Chief Roy Minter said.

“We expect our employees to exercise sound judgment and not bring discredit upon our police department,” Minter said in a written statement.

Shearer came under fire late last month when the Secret Service confirmed it was following up on the photo of seven youths, posing in the desert, with four toting guns. The photo was quickly removed after it became public.

Source: David Schwartz for Reuters.

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  • Jman

    Wow! Don you miss the point of my rant. I am older and intelligent, thank you. I was not defending the contents of the post but the right to post it without consequence. Like this post. Should I be put on some kind of list because I see nothing wrong with posting a stupid act by really dumb kids, No!! Don, you don’t know me and I don’t know you but really??!! The whole point of this rant was WE ARE FREE. If it does not physically or mentaly hurt another human then do it. We all should NOT have to look over our facebook shoulder’s because it is wrong to post something that is controversial and worse be punished for it. Don, the sargent is just a man on his own time posting something stupid that caught the eye of someone in authority with a hard on, give him and you a break! Life is too short for us to debate about this internet garbage. Remember to stay FREE without fear of consequence. In life, if you don’t like it and no body is getting hurt leave it alone. You like so many other’s are just BORED and have to focus on someone else instead of Focusing on Yourself! Just saying.. Anyone listening..

  • Don

    Well, nobody would ever mistake me for a supporter of Obama, and I sure support the 1st amendment, but this sargeant, and the kids in the pic, are not thinking properly. Why would you post a picture like that? Hell the level of idiocy in just that move is titanic. Lime him, or not, Obama is the President, and the Secret Service, and FBI are just itching to find some retards who’d want to kill him. Is it their right to post it? Yes, it is. Should they have? Hell no. If they don’t have the brains enoug to know that they would get a visit, well, they belong locked up for felony stupid, and defending their actions is even more idiotic tjan that. jman, if you truly believe all of what you said, one of two things is true; you are either a) very young, and, therefore still idealistic, and naieve, or b) older, and just plain unintelligent. There may be hope for you yey, but I sure don’t cate tp school you.

  • Jman

    Man sorry to bumm both your worlds but WTF REALLY!! When did facebook become our Judge and jury? How can a simple post cost someone a demotion? Now, that was a really stupid thing to do on those kids part especially in these times. Freedom of speach or expression is our own simplist of rights. I can only say this to everyone who is sucked in by this… GET A F…ING LIFE!!! Stop worrying about others and take care of yourself. Big brother is watching and it really sucks. when we as individuals can not even express our own likes,or what makes us laugh,or post something on our own time because it is our freedom to do so, because the facebook police deem it inappropiate. whomever you are mister corporate executive,police chief,leave the post’s alone this is our right to freedom we can say most anything we want to on our own time get it!!! If its not posted from work LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE…. JUST SAYING ANYONE LISTENING??? or is humanity lost and you all are sheep following what your are told?? sad very sad 🙁

  • Gregory

    Same opinion as Johnathan, what an idiot. In our line of work we are looked at under a microscope.

  • Johnathan

    Idiot…. Look sharp, act sharp, be sharp…. Your in a job that all eyes are on you, you need to spend the next 25 on Parade detail, directing cars..