Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce OKs lawmakers to carry guns in Senate.

Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce says it's OK for State…

Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce says it’s OK for State Senators to carry guns inside the Senate building.
The Arizona Republic reports the Mesa Republican issued a memo Tuesday to lawmakers clarifying his policy.

Pearce says a member of the Legislature does not lose his or her Second Amendment rights when coming to work each day.

The policy does conflict with state law that prohibits weapons inside the Arizona House and Senate.

Pearce counters that the Arizona Constitution gives him the authority to make the rules within the building.
Phoenix Democrat Sen. Kyrsten Sinema says she plans to ask Pearce for a list of members packing guns.

Source: Fox11AZ

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  • Nathan

    I second your statement, Robert. Reality is that the 2nd Amendment is *not* a figment of a free citizen’s imagination… it happens to be part of the Supreme Law of the Land. And last time i checked, a Senator was a citizen too. I liked what you said about deadly force never being taken lightly… it strikes me that in addition to the clear and cautionary truth of what you meant, people who want to restrict or ban the carrying of firearms by free, law-abiding citizens are *also* taking it lightly… too lightly for it to be legal. More Americans die every year depending on others to protect them than who die from acts of terrorism. That’s not to gives cops a bad rap… they just don’t happen to be superheroes with capes and magical powers, and they’re often few and far between. Here’s to sensible, Constitutional gun laws in Arizona and North Carolina… and maybe the rest of Our country while we’re at it…

  • Robert Ferris

    Finally, a man in tune with reality! The specter of using deadly force is never one to be taken lightly, but when seconds count waiting minutes for law enforcement to arrive may well cost innocent lives. The 2nd Amendment is sacrosanct! “…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Thank you Senator Pearce.

    I can’t wait until our North Carolina legislators wake up to the reality that guns also saves lives, maybe their own. Hopefully, they too will pass legislation that removes all restrictions on where any lawful concealed carry licensees can carry their firearms.
    Robert Ferris
    Jacksonville, NC