Arizona Senator Lori Klein points loaded pink handgun at reporter.

She says the reporter sat down in front of her…

She says the reporter sat down in front of her handgun as she aimed it at a sofa.

He says she deliberately pointed the loaded firearm at his chest.

Arizona state Sen. Lori Klein (R) and Arizona Republic reporter Richard Ruelas now find themselves at the center of a story that has attracted attention across the nation.

It began with this report Sunday. Ruelas was writing about Klein’s habit of carrying a loaded .380 Ruger with her at the state Capitol and said that during an interview in her office:

“She showed off the laser sighting by pointing the red beam at the reporter’s chest. The gun has no safety, she said, but there was no need to worry.

” ‘I just didn’t have my hand on the trigger,’ she said.”

That passage in Ruelas story set the blogosphere buzzing, and led to a statement from Klein in which she says:

“I was asked to show the reporter my weapon so that they could take pictures of it. I ensured that the chamber was clear before displaying the weapon. That is basic gun safety and something that I do instinctively, just like virtually every gun owner.

“The photographer, who was behind me at the time, asked me to show him the laser sight and I did so, turning it on and shining it on the wall in front of me (away from the photographer). During this demonstration, the reporter came and sat down in the sofa in front of me, placing himself in the line of the laser sight.

“He noticed the light, then I noticed the light, then I turned it off.”

Source: Mark Memmott for NPR.

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  • Paul

    Sen. Lori Klein (R)did nothing wrong, she acted accordingly to rules of gun safety. It was the reporter who sat down in front of the weapon that is entirely at fault.

    An educated reporter willingly sits down in front of a weapon with the laser obviously on?

    The incident had to have been a set up. The type of set up for the groups who believe that Americans have no right what so ever to self defense can gain a political foot-hold.

    Even if the claim is made that, “I didn’t see that the laser was on”. Sitting down in front of a weapon…these irresponsible actions clearly demonstrate total disregard for rules of safety and a total disregard for rules of safety for others.

    If further makes a person wonder why any news organization would have such a person who acts in such a irresponsible-manner working for them.

  • P. Gonzales

    He’s a wimp. A PUSSY. Too bad she didn’t waste him. Obviously a liberal suck ass coward.