Arkansas senate OKs concealed guns in church

The Arkansas Senate has passed a bill lifting a ban…

The Arkansas Senate has passed a bill lifting a ban on carrying concealed weapon in church.

The proposal, which goes to the Arkansas House for consideration, would allow churches to decide which, if any, worshippers with concealed carry permits can bring their firearms inside.

The measure passed 28-4 on Monday, KATV reported.

State Sen. Bryan King, a Republican, said the “The Church Protection Act” would provide each church “an individual decision on what they want to do for security,” according to Arkansas Online.

Sen. Linda Chesterfield, a Democrat, said she was “trying to wrap my head around how we get Jesus Christ being nonviolent and churches as a house of prayer.’

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  • Charles Conway

    Where in the world did she get the idea Jesus was non-violent? Has she even READ the bible?