Armatrix SmartGun’s prototype pistol and biometric watch renders pistol usless without pairing.

The idea behind this concept is simple: pair the watch…


The idea behind this concept is simple: pair the watch to your fingerprint and pair the watch to your pistol. This activates the pistol for a predetermined set of time.

Armatrix says, “To activate the wrist watch, the authorized person’s fingerprint must first be read by the wrist watch. An internal database compares the current fingerprint against stored prints and responds accordingly. The wrist watch is then activated for a definable period – e.g. an officer’s work shift or until manually deactivated.”

Gizmodo says, “Armatrix has chosen the handgun/wristwatch combination instead of building the biometric sensor into the gun itself to ensure the gun can be used while wearing gloves or if the user’s hands are dirty. Also the biometric transponder within the watch can be used to activate any number of weapons. Similarly, several users, such as all members of a police unit, can be authorized to use a single weapon. A record is also made every time the weapon is activated.”

Read more at Gizmag.

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  • Joe

    I think that is exactly how it works

  • Jerry

    Wouldnt it be easier to make the watch and gun send a signal, if you are wearing the watch you can shoot the gun if not it wont fire. Of course this will prevent an officer from firing week handed in an emergency.