Armed robber with .38 revolver fatally shot by his armed victim with .40.

An armed robber was reportedly shot in self defense by…

An armed robber was reportedly shot in self defense by his armed victim in Hazelwood, MO.

Police say that the a 57 year old man was out for evening walk in the St. Louis suburb of Hazelwood when an armed robber approached from behind, pointed a .38 caliber revolver at the man, and demanded his wallet. The man reportedly handed over his wallet, then drew his own .40 caliber pistol and ordered the robber to get on the ground until the police could arrive. Rather than comply, the robber began to point his gun at the victim, at which point the victim fired in self defense. A suspect, reportedly identified as 20 year old Christopher Holland, was found dead across the street, with a revolver in his hand, police say. Police also suspect that Holland may have behind another armed robbery attempt, which occurred last week.

Those opposed to gun ownership for self defense often argue that a crime victim who is caught unawares will be unable to get their gun and defend themselves. As this case shows, such theoretical arguments don’t necessarily reflect reality. Here, the robbery victim was able to draw his gun and fire in self defense, despite the fact that the robber had the element of surprise.

Source: Eric Puryear for the Self Defense Examiner.

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  • William

    @Jeff Where in the article does it state anything about gangster rap, gang cultures or any of the other things you chose to mention? How does any of that contribute to this robbery attempt? Even more so, how did you go from hip hop to the POTUS. Point Blank: a idiot attempted to rob someone at gun point, self defense and the 2nd Ammendment prevailed. Did you even read the same article?

  • Black

    ust becuase you are ambushed that doesnt mean the tables cannot be turned on the predator and the advantage put into the hands of the would be prey. This guy most likely accomplished that by feigning capitualation and adhereing to the demands(handing over the wallet) which inherently fed the attackers ego and he let down his guard for long enough to lose the advantage. In turn the bad guy should have recognized a disadvantage and adhered to the would be victims demands…instead he pointed his gun and would have most likely fired if he was not shut down beforehand.
    This normally ends up reading..”man shot to death after complying with attackers demands”…so chalk up one more for the good guys.

    Good guys up…bad guys down



  • I see no problem here. The victim gave the thug a chance to surrender and acted in self-defense when the thug presented deadly force.

    This outcome is much better than the typical outcome of innocent citizens being murdered so that there is not a living witness to the crime. All too often the cooperting victim is executed in cold blood.

    A criminal should not have the option to determine if a person has a right to live or not, but a person does have the right to life and self-defense. Even the US Supreme Court agrees.

  • Mr.Pimms

    OR…..the old guy was sick of the crap and pulled a Michael Douglas. Out looking to get confronted?

  • Check out the story online of the home invasion in Morristown, TN Friday night. Another responsible gun owner stands up to armed thugs. We must stand up for our 2nd Admendment Right.

  • John

    One less scumbag in the world!

  • well it seems that crime didnt pay for chris holland, its sad that folks dont take the time to denounce gangster rap and gang culture to the youth of today.

    i never want to see a twenty year old die,but when a choice has to be made btween a honest hard working person and a armed robber i’ll take this outcome every time!

    people need to teach their children better. my sons and every other boy are interested in guns.thats why i took the time praise law enforcement,military and other possitive outlets for firearm training,because i dont need 50 cent,tupac,or any other gangster showing my kids what to do with a gun.

    the simple fact is that ultra restrictive gun laws take guns out of the hands of good people and expose them to the black market for pennys on the dollar.if mr. holland’s .38 would have been registered to himself and whatever happened with it would came back to him,he might still be alive right now.

    the simple fact is anyone who fights with a member in their household,or gets a dui w/property damage or hoped up charges to make a lesser one stick looses the right to have a firearm,this a problem because instead of being able to take his gun to the range,he took it to the streets,and now he is gone forever

    the way i see it is the blood is not on gun owners hands,it on people like eric holders hands,obamma’s hands.”obamma said ludacris is one of his favorite ganster rappers”

    with that being said,i hope obamma and his cronies stay out of my church,stay out of my home and stay out of my guns. i’ll keep my money,and they can KEEP THE CHANGE……..PS i’ll pray for that kids folks.

  • Edward

    While an understandable shooting, I’m not sure that the robber had the element of surprise on his side here; if anything it seems like “okay I’ll hand over my wallet, oh, and while I’m at it–” *draw*

    I hope the article’s omission of any injury to the armed “victim” means that he was uninjured.

  • No verbal warning or requirement to retreat in Texas when confronted with lethal force. Lethal force may be used to stop the lethal force threat.