Armed Walgreens worker in Michigan foils robbery.

They wore masks. They wore gloves. They brandished handguns. But…

They wore masks.

They wore gloves.

They brandished handguns.

But there was one thing two robbers didn’t anticipate when they barged into a Benton Township Walgreens drug store early Sunday and tried to march the workers into the back room: A worker already in back carried a handgun and knew how to use it.

Benton Township police Lt. Delmar Lange said the worker fired multiple shots at one of the bandits, forcing the men to flee.

“He could see the hostage situation developing,” Lange said. “He could not retreat any further. He was in the back room. If it was me, I would have done the same thing.”

Lange said the worker, whose name was not released, saw one of the robbers force another worker from the front of the building toward the rear. That robber then saw the worker in back and started to pursue him.

The worker then fired multiple shots.

The robber tried to fire back but his gun malfunctioned. The robber and his partner then ran out.

Source: Jim Dalgeish for Herald Palladium.

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  • tom

    I don’t think he would not have tried to return fire on me.

    I don’t agree totaly with state required training, but I do believe that it is imperative that those of us that do carry must train regularly. Firearms proficiency, strength, agility, reading and a lot of thinking about assessing threats and what uoy will do in a given situation.

  • Good…I hope he also has something similar to Texas Law Shield…he will need a lawyer.

  • ken

    Yeah but what did They do for the employee caring a gun at work most Businesses have rules against an employee carrying while working. But he did a good thing if no rules reward him