Armored boats added to Texas Department of Public Safety (video).

Armored boats added to DPS arsenal: A new fleet…

Armored boats added to DPS arsenal:

A new fleet of patrol boats is poised to join the battle along the Rio Grande and international lakes.

“This is what you call the bad boat. And indeed it is,” said Steve McCraw, director of the Texas Department of Public Safety.

McCraw and other DPS officials were on hand at Decker Lake in east Travis County on Thursday to show off the first of six “shallow water interceptors”. Each vessel costs approximately $580,000 fully equipped. The funding comes from the Texas Legislature and federal grants.

The 34-foot long boats feature armored glass and armored hulls, along with 900-horsepower engines. The vessels sport 4 machine gun turrets and state of the art night vision cameras.

Source: Robert Hadlock for KXAN.

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  • Dave Clarkk

    This is GREAT news ! HooYah!!!

    Godd Bless !!

    Dave Clark
    Boca Raton, FL

  • Jeff

    I understand the necessity, but you have to admit there is some degree of absurdity in seeing “Highway Patrol” stamped on the side of a boat.