‘Army Has It Worst’ In Budget Crunch: DoD Comptroller Robert Hale

The current fiscal crisis slams the entire military, keeping aircraft…

The current fiscal crisis slams the entire military, keeping aircraft carriers in port and fighter pilots on the ground for lack of funds, but of all the services, said Pentagon comptroller Robert Hale today, “the Army has by far the worst problem.”

That’s because the Army faces a unique triple-barreled budget problem, known with grim humor as “6-6-6” because each part takes $6 billion out of Army readiness accounts: the automatic cuts known as the sequester, which began March 1st; the Continuing Resolution now funding the government, which continues spending at 2012 levels without any flexibility to start new programs or even adjust existing ones; and the shortfall in wartime supplemental funding (called OCO, for Overseas Contingency Operations) caused by unexpectedly high costs in Afghanistan.

“The Navy and the Air Force are only hit with two out of the three; we’re the ones who are hit with three out of the three,” said the Army’s senior uniformed budgeteer, Lt. Gen. Joseph Martz. Martz, like Hale, spoke this morning at the Newseum to a conference organized by McAleese & Associates and Credit Suisse.

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