Assange still stuck in embassy

The furor over WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's future entered stalemate…

The furor over WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s future entered stalemate mode Friday as he remained holed up in Ecuador’s London embassy, his home for nearly two months, following an extraordinary display of brinkmanship between Britain and the South American country.

The lanky Australian is the subject of an international tug-of-war, with Swedish prosecutors seeking to question him about alleged sexual misconduct and Britain refusing to let him travel to Ecuador even though that South American country has offered him asylum.

Britain says it can’t allow Assange safe passage because of the European arrest warrant demanding his return to Sweden — and has said it may use a little-known law to revoke the Ecuadorean embassy’s status so that Assange could be taken into custody and extradited to Sweden.

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  • Good Wolf Jay

    Matt we care because its a matter of free speech that is at stake. He doesn’t have a security clearance to be accountable. However we all know there’s a task force waiting to try him in our court system. Retribution for exposing our dark deeds & speech (that wasn’t denied). Quintessential vindictive government.

  • Eric Webb

    Must have “Big Time Dirt” on a “Somebody.” To quote EASY RIDER, “Bet he won’t make it past the county line…”

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    why do we care what happens to the chomo?