At least three Virginia Gun bills are being heard today.

A few gun bills are scheduled to be heard this…

A few gun bills are scheduled to be heard this afternoon in the House Courts of Justice Criminal Subcommittee a half hour after the session adjourns today January 25, 2010.

The following gun bills are scheduled to be heard:

-HB 251, Delegate Merricks, prevents a person who has to use justifiable deadly force to protect innocent life, from being sued civilly. Such lawsuits can financially destroy the life of someone who has done nothing wrong.

-HB 681, Delegate J.H. Miller, allows police officers to arrest someone for a Class 1 or 2 misdemeanor at will. Current law has reasonable criteria that allows for arrest under certain circumstances, giving the police sufficient power to do their job.

-HB 854, Delegate Morefield, Castle Doctrine bill that protects a citizen who has to use force, including deadly force, either inside his residence or anywhere he can legally be, from a civil lawsuit. Because of the bill’s wording requiring “proportionate force,” which puts too much “Monday morning quarterbacking” into the equation, this bill is supported, instead of strongly supported.

Source:, Virginia Shooting Sports Association

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