ATF awards Glock $40M contract for Glock 22 Gen4 and Glock 27 .40.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) awarded…

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) awarded GLOCK Inc. a 10-year contract worth up to $40 million.

The deal makes available for the first time the GLOCK 22 Gen4 and GLOCK 27 .40 caliber pistols to all ATF agents, Smyrna, Ga.-based GLOCK said.

“GLOCK was chosen over others due to the new design features of the Gen4 pistol and GLOCK’s Safe Action System, as well as reliability and durability that have made GLOCK pistols famous,” said GLOCK Vice President Josh Dorsey, in a news release.

GLOCK said 65 percent of law enforcement agencies nationwide use the company’s weapons.

Source: Atlanta Business Chronicle

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  • tchick

    Re: Robert M Barreras, Glock is Austrian, not German. They have a factory here in the US. Made in the USA.

  • FDMcKinney

    It’s an IDIQ contract worth UP TO $40M. It allows for other agencies to buy these weapons without having to go out and do another competition and award another contract…a time consuming process that delays getting much-needed equipment fielded. It’s done all the time in government acquisition.

    The Army has the contract for night vision devices with the producers and the Marines, Navy, and others usually buy the devices through the Army’s contract.

  • Eric

    Like SIG Sauer and HK, Glock has a plant in the US for local production, which, I understand they all plan to expand. As for reliability, I have to say my Glock 27 is one of the best guns I have ever owned, and I found the same to be true for other Glocks I have owned as wells (but never should have sold). Taxes are indeed important, but I believe the “best equipment” should guide public safety and personal defense decisions. Also, competition, not guaranteed markets, it what advances any product, and firearms are no exception. For example, Smith & Wesson would never have developed the generally well-received M&P series (e.g., a recent Federal contract winner!) without the successes of its international competitors and even the coloration of its German strategic partner, Walther. Competition is good for business as well as good for product advancement. We should remember what made us successful! Open minds, free markets, and the seeking excellence! However, we do need to be mindful of creating jobs and “ROI” for American taxpayers, too. Thus, we need to pay careful attention to these factors and encourage foreign investment in the US!

  • How many Glocks can you buy for 40 million dollars? How many BATF agents are there in our Republic?

  • Alex E.

    No surprise ! I own a Sig, Hk and Springfield XDm. The Glock is simple, dependable and accurate. The price low compared with the attributes and the amount of accessories are simply unlimited. I love my Sigs, HK but for dependability and reliability in Glock I trust.

  • Robert M Barreras

    Germany will be proud to spend American taxpayers money. My taxpayer money to pay for German pensions You should be ashamed. I know I am.

  • Wikianswers indicates 2400 BATF agents….so how may Glocks are they getting for 40 million dollars?

  • If one Glock costs about 500 dollars ..HOW MANY GLOCK 40S WILL THE BATF…BE BUYING FOR 40 MILLION DOLLARS? Just how many BATF agents do We the People have working for us?