ATF said you can help keep guns away from Mexican cartels (video).

Weapons that trace back to dealers and sellers in Arizona…

Weapons that trace back to dealers and sellers in Arizona are being found at various Mexican crime scenes, according to William Newell, Special Agent in Charge of ATF’s Phoenix Division.

“Mexico is in a tough, tough situation right now, they are at war against a very, very violent, vicious group of thugs,” said Newell.

He explained how as the Mexican government puts pressure on cartels, the demand for high-powered weapons like a 50-caliber rifle goes up.

“Individuals we’ve arrested in the United States trafficking 50-caliber firearms, defendants who have cooperated and given us statements, as well as our own information from Mexico that the cartels are interesting in 50-caliber firearms because a lot of their targets, be it rival drug cartel leadership as well as government officials they are going after, are riding around in armored vehicles and a 50-caliber bullet would easily penetrate that.”

At various Mexican crime scenes, Newell said they are finding weapons that trace back to dealers and sellers in Arizona.

“We have agents throughout Mexico, I go to Mexico all the time, I see US-sourced firearms there all the time,” he said. “A large percentage of those firearms that they illegally acquire and illegally traffic to Mexico are from the U.S. and a large percentage are from Arizona.”

Source: Christina Boomer for ABC15

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