ATF ‘stonewalled’ agents on botched gun probe, report says.

U.S. officials kept their Mexican counterparts in the dark about…

U.S. officials kept their Mexican counterparts in the dark about a widely criticized gun-trafficking probe even as rising numbers of weapons reached the hands of Mexico’s drug cartels, a congressional committee reported Tuesday.

The Justice Department’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives also held back key details about “Operation Fast and Furious” from agents based in Mexico City when they raised alarms, according to the report.

“Not only were they stonewalled by their colleagues, they were actively thwarted in their attempts to find out what was happening,” the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee concluded.

“ATF senior leadership allegedly feared that any such disclosure would compromise their investigation,” states the report, written by the joint staff of the committee. “Instead, ATF and DOJ leaderships’ reluctance to share information may have only prolonged the flow of weapons from this straw purchasing ring into Mexico.”

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  • Richard

    This just gone get worst.

  • EGS

    BATFE should be disbanded.