Attacker wounded as woman (77) and shotgun lie in wait.

“I’m going to shoot you,” 77-year-old Louise Jacobs warned her…

“I’m going to shoot you,” 77-year-old Louise Jacobs warned her attacker. When he swung his firearm toward her, she didn’t hesitate and let her shotgun do the talking.

The shot on Monday, which wounded one attacker and made the others run away, brought to an end an attack that Jacobs’s husband, Peet (81), said had started on the Friday before.

“On Saturday morning I realized things had been stolen from my bakkie and that our one dog was sick …” Jacobs said on Tuesday, on their farm about 12 km outside Heidelberg.

On Monday morning, while he was at the Heidelberg police station reporting Friday night’s theft, his wife phoned to say she had just been attacked on the farm and had shot one of the attackers.

“One of the policemen just said: ‘Go, I’ll organise everything’.

“When I got to the farm, they were waiting for me. The police were here, members of the community policing forum and neighbours, the helicopter was in the air and they even had the dogs out here …” said Jacobs.

His wife said one of their wor kers had said she suspected there were strangers behind the house.

She added, “The next moment I heard them breaking open the security gate at the front door with a pickaxe. Then one of them broke the window next to the front door with a firearm and climbed in.

“He was still busy pointing the gun around when I shot — from here, from the security gate at the bedrooms. You can look straight at the front door from here.

“He shouted to the others to run and they left in a hurry. Then I phoned my husband,” she says.

Thivhulawi Tshilate, police spokesperson at Heidelberg, said a 33-year-old suspect was apprehended in the area, but he wasn’t the wounded man.

Source: Witness

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  • william

    This is unfortunately a common(daily) situation in south africa.Most south africans(black&white) either had something similar happen to them or know someone who went through similar situations,mostly without a happy ending

  • Eric

    Glad she made it. Sadly, this illustrates the common problem of law enforcement response, “The police needed in seconds, there in minutes…”