Attorney General Holder: Federal court challenge to new immigration law possible.

A federal court challenge to a new Arizona law aimed…

A federal court challenge to a new Arizona law aimed at curbing illegal immigration isn’t out of the question, Attorney General Eric Holder said Tuesday.

Holder said that the Justice Department was working with the Department of Homeland Security to “decide exactly how we are going to react to it.”

“We are considering all possibilities, including the possibility of a court challenge,” Holder told reporters during questions at a news conference, at which he had announced a settlement with pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca over its marketing of an anti-psychotic drug.

“I think that [Arizona’s] law is an unfortunate one,” he said. “I think that it is, I fear, subject to potential abuse. And I’m very concerned about the wedge that it could draw between communities that law enforcement is supposed to serve and those of us in law enforcement. ”

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, who served as Arizona’s governor until she took the position with the Obama administration, told a Senate panel Tuesday that she has “deep concerns” with the law.
Napolitano said she fears it would siphon away resources that would otherwise be used to pursue individuals who commit major crimes while in the country illegally.

Source: CNN

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