Australia swimmers banned from social media during Olympics for posing with guns.

Image: Facebook Fox News reports: After jarring the Australian Olympic…

Image: Facebook

Fox News reports:

After jarring the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) by posting photos of themselves with guns on their Twitter accounts, the country’s swimmers, Nick D’Arcy and Kenrick Monk, will not be permitted to use social media at all during the London Games, Reuters reports.

Calling the postings “foolish and clearly inappropriate”, the AOC initially forced the duo to remove the pictures taken while they were at a training camp in the United States.

Herald Sun reports:

After meeting with Australia swimming officials [Swimming Australia] in Brisbane on Monday, both Monk and D’Arcy stated they would return home immediately after the completion of their events at the Olympic Games, which commence next month, Reuters reports.

The duo arrived home in Brisbane from three weeks of swimming training and racing abroad to savage criticism of a photo that appeared on Monk’s Facebook page.

D’Arcy was snapped holding two automatic pistols while Monk bore two pump-action shotguns.

The pair smiled and looked smug as they handled weapons similar to those used in the Port Arthur massacre.

Swimming Australia demanded Monk remove the picture after he posted it on Facebook.

“If anyone has been offended I’m deeply sorry,” D’Arcy said at Brisbane Airport.

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  • Kez

    I’ve been living in Australia since 06 and just recently got my Aussie citizenship (2010). I have to say, I love this country, it’s values, everything. The only thing is that I really dislike the fact that what our government is doing, in all honestly, is facilitating a ‘nanny state’. We use this term here, (I don’t if you guys use it in the US too?) and it basically refers to the government taking up the role of a strict parent or ‘nanny’. What tends to happen is the government and, sometimes, ‘independent’ media tells as about what we shouldn’t do, what is appropriate and what’s not etc. I really wish for this aspect to end.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    They can always move here and be welcome to swim, coach and support the 2nd!!!