Australian Report: Vests more bullet-proof with wool. research has uncovered a new use: making body armor…

…new research has uncovered a new use: making body armor even more bullet resistant.

Scientists at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology school of fashion and textiles discovered that a blend of wool and kevlar, the synthetic fiber widely used in body armour, was lighter and cheaper and worked better in some conditions than kevlar alone.

The increased friction of the wool in a tight weave means that a vest with 28-30 layers of fabric, provides the same level of bullet resistance as 36 layers of kevlar.

“And because wool fibers expand naturally in water by up to 16 per cent, the wool-Kevlar blend actually becomes more effective in wet conditions,” he says. “The result is a cheaper bullet-resistant vest that works even better when it’s wet.”

Source: Australian Geographic

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  • mutantpoo

    Interesting but could the large amount of sheep and wool in AussieLand be a factor in the report ?