Authorities say Ohio deputy wounded by friendly fire from AR-15; origally missed by two shots of .40 cal (video).

On the day a Lorain County sheriff's deputy was released…

On the day a Lorain County sheriff’s deputy was released from a local hospital after being shot, authorities say the deputy was actually struck by friendly fire.

At a press conference on Thursday afternoon Lt. Chris Costantino with the Elyria Police Department revealed that Deputy Charles Crausaz was stuck by a round from another deputy’s AR-15 rifle.

Authorities had originally thought Crausaz was struck by a bullet fired by Travis Stidham, 42, of Stable Drive in Lagrange Township.

Lt. Costantino said Stidham did fire two shots at Crausaz with a .40 caliber handgun, but both missed the deputy. Lt. Costantino added that the rifle bullet penetrated Crausaz’s protective vest, and did not strike the deputy in an unprotected area under his arm.

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  • Andre’ M. Dall’au

    I am glad this was not a fatal event. This needs to be reviewed and thoroughly understood to provide the industry and LE community with lessons learned to prevent recurrence. I hope this is turns out to be something that will help others to use their firearms better while protecting themselves and others. Maybe it will be better FOF training, maybe it will be a weakness in low-light engagement tactics. We’ll see.

  • Will

    is; and its uderstood. never a dull day in the office

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Friendly Fire Ain’t