Autopsy report released in May Arizona SWAT shooting (video).

The 26-year-old man shot and killed by a SWAT team…

The 26-year-old man shot and killed by a SWAT team during a raid last month was struck 22 times, and a toxicology exam showed there were no traces of drugs in his blood at the time of death, according to an autopsy report released Monday.

SWAT officers fired 71 rounds at Jose Guerena from the doorway of his home while serving a search warrant the morning of May 5, officials from Pima County Sheriff’s Department have said. Fewer than a third of those shots hit Guerena, leaving 49 rounds passing through walls and some hitting nearby homes, according to reports released by the department last week.

Guerena’s toxicology report showed there were no traces of drugs and only a low level of ethanol – 0.02 percent – some or all of which may have been produced after his death, a medical examiner from the Pima County Medical Examiner’s Office wrote.

The report showed most of Guerena’s gunshot wounds were to his legs and arms. He was struck three times on his torso and grazed by a bullet on the head, according to the autopsy report.

Source: Fernanda Echavarri for Arizona Daily Star.

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  • Jay C.

    It adds up to state sponsored “state okay’d” murder of a Marine. SWAT should know that people own guns, long guns. Hint: Mine won’t have the safety on. Announce yourself. By the way, what ever happened to any kind of “evidence”. Hell, the guy was waken up from working a grave yard shift.

  • jsa

    It’s in the full article. Along with an image of him in his dress blues. What’s not in the article is the evidence needed to justify him being gunned down. They mention dope and money taken from another house in the area but nothing on this guy not even alcohol in his blood. Plus the fact he was asleep after working a graveyard shift when they busted in. His wife did not know they were cops when she woke him and the fact that he kept on-safe when he recognized police, then no medical aid allowed in til after an hour. This just adds up to a large pile of crap.

  • Devildog78

    It’s funny how in this article they left out he was a Marine Veteran.