Avon Lake Police Department car body cameras
Avon Lake Police Taking Time with Body Cameras (Courtesy Avon Lake Police)

Avon Lake Police Taking Time with Body Cameras

Cost of body cameras viewed as an initial issue as Avon Lake Police Department continues testing in the field through 2015.

The Ohio-based Avon Lake Police Department is taking the necessary time to examine the addition of body cameras for its officers.

According to The Chronicle-Telegram:

Avon Lake Mayor Greg Zilka said body cameras will not be immediately purchased for all officers. The department has two cameras that are shared among police officers, he said, and a few officers have purchased their own.

By 2016, the administration and Police Department will have a better idea of which cameras work best, Zilka said, and, although body cameras have merit, the city wants to purchase them in a measured manner.

“We’re going to take this slow and see what kind of camera works best,” Zilka said. “Another concern we have is if everyone is ordering cameras at the same time, the prices may get pretty crazy.”

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