Avondale, AZ police seize more than 25 replica weapons.

Avondale police have seized more than 25 replicas of military-style…

Avondale police have seized more than 25 replicas of military-style weapons during an undercover operation.

They say all the weapons were seized during a traffic stop.

They are either are fake or air-soft weapons that fire plastic pellet. But police say they appear so realistic in size, weight and other physical characteristics that they could fool even the most savvy gun enthusiast.
The replica weapons aren’t illegal, but police say they’re being used in home invasions, armed robberies and other crimes.

The Arizona Republic says the type of replica weapons seized include an MP-5 subcompact machine gun, a Mac-10 with suppressor, an UZI machine gun, a 37 millimeter grenade launcher and an AK-47 rifle.
Police say the guns pose a threat to the public and officers that could cost lives.

Source: The Associated Press via Fox11AZ.

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  • Anthony I.

    If you spray paint a water gun it looks real to. Hell if you tape a roll of toilet paper to it now it’s potentially a sniper rifle! This is stupid. I am waiting for the day when there is a 3 day waiting period to pick up a nerf gun from Toys R us.

  • General Jim M

    If someone uses a plastic rose to commit a crime i suppose we have to outlaw roses

  • Unless they were being used in a crime and they knew that without a doubt than why were the police allowed to confiscate these “toys”.