B.E. Meyers anniversary
A look at B.E. Meyers' products.

B.E. Meyers Celebrates 40th Anniversary | VIDEO

Washington-based company B.E. Meyers and its photonics have been helping deployed armed forces members survive in the field since 1974.

B.E. Meyers has been manufacturing leading-edge tactical lasers, non-lethal lasers, sights, night vision and weapon accessories for military and law enforcement customers for 40 years.

The Washington-based photonics company has been carefully producing optoelectronics for military members who rely on the technology to not only be effective in the field, but to survive.

Among the products made by the company are pointing and illumination guides, hail and warning guides, “Warfighter Solutions” such as flash suppressors, helmets and night vision optics, and integrated laser modules.

As part of its 40th anniversary celebration, B.E. Meyers has released a video detailing the people who help make the company run as effectively as it does.

Check out the brand new video below!

B.E. Meyers & Co., 40th Anniversary from on Vimeo.

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