Badge identifies your concealed weapon, CCW license (video).

Millions of Americans carry a gun. It takes a course,…

Millions of Americans carry a gun. It takes a course, and several tests to earn a Concealed Weapons permit. One company wants to take the “concealed” part of it away with this, an “Armed Civilian Identifier” badge.

“Since it’s a concealed carry, they don’t want anybody to know they have it,” says gun expert, Larry Cheatham. “So trying to have them have a badge where somebody could possibly see it, kind of defeats the purpose of concealed carry.”

“How are you going to distinguish law enforcement from non-law enforcement?” asked another gun expert, Charles Peters.

The company’s website says, the purpose of the badge is to prevent friendly fire. U.S. Shooting Academy Officer, Brian Hill says it doesn’t interfere with concealed carry.

“Because the applicability and the useability is going to be fairly minimal I would suppose,” says Hill. “The only time someone would see you actually deploy this is when you’re in contact with a law enforcement officer, under a normal contact or a higher stress contact.”

Source: Danica Lawrence for Fox23.

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  • Casey

    I agree with the Colonel. Badges are for law enforcement officers, not civilians. If I get in a “higher stress contact” with an LEO, I’m going to show him my concealed weapons permit, not some ridiculous badge that anyone can buy online.

  • The purpose of the badge would be to generate revenue for the company that sells it. CHL HOLDERS ARE NOT POLICE OFFICERS.

  • tom