“Bagram Batman” on Crusade to Keep Troops Safe in Afghanistan

"Bagram Batman" is the star of a recent series of…

“Bagram Batman” is the star of a recent series of public-service announcements broadcast to troops deployed in and around Afghanistan. The camouflaged superhero—and his catchphrase, “SWEAR TO ME!”— have become an unlikely hit, winning a cult following among soldiers, and going viral on the Internet.

While his do-it-yourself costume—rubber Batman mask, black cape and reflective belt over combat fatigues—may look like a joke, Bagram Batman has a very real mission: reminding the troops about the do’s and don’ts of life on a forward operating base like Bagram, a small American town planted in the middle of a war zone.

Well, mostly the don’ts. Don’t forget your weapon; don’t wear headphones while jogging; and don’t shoplift at the base exchange. Bagram Batman also enforces the most important rule of all: Don’t forget your reflective belt, lest you be hit by the hulking Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected vehicles that roar in darkness through the base’s main drag.

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