Baker Police Department Louisiana

Baker Police Add Split Screen Body Cameras

Louisiana's Baker Police Department will add a total of 18 body cameras that will have a split screen option that shows footage from the officer's dash cam.

The Louisiana-based Baker Police Department will join the growing list of agencies around the country that are adding body cameras.

A total of 18 patrol officers from the Baker PD have been outfitted with the new cameras, according to WAFB 9 in Louisiana.

Chief Mike Knaps says the camera program also includes a split screen option, which shows material on the body camera and the officer’s dash cam recorder at the same time.

… Knaps says officers only have control of the record button. The footage will be downloaded and stored in a system at the police department.

“It is a great tool to have,” Knaps told WAFB 9. “It’s good for collecting evidence and other things that will be used in court trials for the stops officers make along with the in car video that captures most of the time the initial violation that takes place.”

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