Baltimore County Police Department Adopts FN FNS-40 LS as Duty Pistol

Largest department in the country to deploy the FNS pistol!

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Baltimore County (MD) Police Department has selected the new FN FNS-40 LS (long slide) as their service firearm, to be carried by on-duty police officers.

FNH USA will deliver 1,920 FN FNS-40 LS striker-fired pistols fitted with Warren-Sevigny Carry Night Sights and a 14-round magazine.

“We are pleased that the Baltimore County Police Department is the first to field the FN FNS-40LS pistol as their new duty firearm and look forward to serving them in the coming years,” said Mark Cherpes, President and CEO. “Today, Baltimore County has become the largest law enforcement agency in the country to turn to the FNS line of striker-fired pistols as their firearm of choice. The FNS line features stainless steel slides and hammer-forged barrels, which will give officers the durability and reliability they need in the line of duty.”

The pistols will be produced at FN Manufacturing in Columbia, SC and distributed through AmChar Wholesale, Inc.

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  • EGS

    they could have bought Maryland Made Berretas instead of Virginia made FNs. Way to support your state.

  • derp

    Beretta is leaving MD and doesn’t currently manufacture .40s.

  • ToddG

    derp — Neither of those points is true.

    Beretta is not leaving Maryland. They’re declining to expand their Maryland operation to include their new semiauto rifle because that rifle won’t be legal to sell in the state.

    Beretta currently manufacturers numerous .40-cal pistols including the 96-series and the PX4 series.

    I’m not suggesting Baltimore Co should be required to buy from Beretta any more than MA agencies should be forced to choose S&W or Georgia departments should have to issue Glocks. As long as the gun was properly evaluated and chosen for its functionality in its intended role, the department should buy the best gun it can find regardless of where it’s built.

  • Duh

    And FNS is made in South Carolina… not Virginia.

  • Jim Gill

    The FN is a better gun. I tested it at our range. Best gun ive ever shot. I suppprt the better product that will save my life.

  • penguin848

    Honestly, if you owned a Gun Business in MD why in the hell would you want to stay? Beretta will eventually move to either Texas or South Carolina. if it wasn’t for the proximity to DC Maryland would just be another Detroit

  • Can’t wait for 1st half range

    I’m looking forward to getting mine. The crap gun we carry now is worthless….

  • Xerxes036

    Yes and No The bulk of FN Herstal’s manufacturing operation is in South Carolina and the corporate HQ is in Virginia.