Baltimore Police Release Body Cam Footage of Officer-Involved Shooting (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

Graphic body cam footage of an officer-involved shooting has been released by the Baltimore Police Department.

Baltimore police have released body cam footage of an officer-involved shooting that took place earlier this week. You can watch it above. We have to warn you, though, it contains graphic content.

Here’s the background: Detective David Kincaid Jr., a five-year veteran of the Baltimore Police Department, and other officers were tailing a vehicle in the city’s west side on Tuesday when suddenly, an individual later identified as 18-year-old Curtis Deal leapt out and started running. He had a gun in his right hand.

Kincaid’s body cam shows him giving chase. It then shows Deal starting to raise his gun at Kincaid, who fired seven shots in response, four of which hit Deal.

Deal was taken to an area hospital where he died from his injuries.

“Mr. Deal pointed a loaded gun at a Baltimore police officer, period,” Commissioner Kevin Davis said at a press conference on Thursday.

As it turns out, Deal had an extensive criminal background. He was a person of interest in a homicide back in December. In January, he was arrested twice for gun violations and heroin possession. On Feb. 2, he was arrested yet again for the same thing. On Feb. 6, this past Monday, he got out on bail. The shooting happened the very next day.

“These police officers chased a bad guy with a gun, and that takes bravery and courage, and it takes a commitment and dedication that I’m proud of, and I think our community should be proud of as well,” Davis said.

Police are still looking for the other people in the car with Deal when the incident occurred.

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  • disqus_PDmXLtTxJj

    Good thing the officer was ok and the scumbag wasn’t paying attention. The officer really didn’t clear that corner well for the ally where the scumbag ran out of and he could have been killed, great restraint on his part not firing until the scumbag clearly pointed the firearm at him.

  • USMC0311

    Actually, Spike 1984, what this incident highlights is the failure of cities run by liberal leftist progressives such as Baltimore to take care of the criminal element on streets which results in these incidents. They want these idiots on the streets so that they vote Democrat so they get more “free stuff” that us taxpayers get to foot the bill for. It has nothing to do with slavery, which ended well over 100 years ago so I’m not sure how a fleeing felon with a gun who pulls it on a police officer, then gets ventilated as a result, has anything to do with “disaffected” youth. That sounds very much like a typical liberal progressive attempt to not place the blame where it needs to be and that’s on the dead asshole. You play stupid games you get stupid prizes, that’s how it works.

  • spike1984

    The incident highlights the danger of Confederate hate crimes continuing into the present day due to Maryland’s proximity to slave states as a target for reprisals and the 2015 Charleston SC church rampage incident wherein a disaffected youth shot an African-American congregation out of misguided revenge for the Confederate’s defeat.

    • disqus_PDmXLtTxJj

      @spike1984 You don’t actually believe the BS you type, do you?