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Baltimore City Council Pushes For Police Body Cameras

Baltimore City Council Pushes For Police Body Cameras

If approved, the legislation proposed by the Baltimore City Council would outfit nearly 3,000 of the city's police officers with body cameras within a year.

Members of Baltimore’s city council introduced legislation Monday that would require the city’s police officers to wear a body camera.

If signed, the bill would require approximately 3,000 officers to wear a body camera “within a year,” according to the Baltimore Sun.

The bill, which is less than two pages long, would allow the Police Department to phase in the cameras over a year. But it does not address the cost of purchasing the cameras, privacy concerns when it comes to recording people in or out of their homes, and details of implementation, [Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake] said.

Rawlings-Blake said she is not against the idea but thinks the issue needs more study. The mayor’s office estimates it could cost up to $10 million to comply with the bill.

“In many jurisdictions, it has increased the professionalism of police officers,” Councilman Warren Branch told the Baltimore Sun. “It’s a win-win situation, not only for the citizens’ safety but also the officers’ safety.”

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