Baton Rouge Mayor, Circle K to offer “Gas for Guns.”

he mayor's office, law enforcement agencies and Circle K are…

he mayor’s office, law enforcement agencies and Circle K are joining forces to curb violent crime in the city by trading firearms for fuel.

East Baton Rouge Mayor-President Kip Holden announced Monday the “Gas for Guns” program, which provides Circle K gas cards worth $50 to $200 in exchange for unsecured guns with no questions asked.

“Unsecured guns can pose a real danger to the entire community,” Holden said in a news release. “Every year crimes are committed with unsecured guns that have been stolen or used without the owners’ permission.”

The program offers cards of increased value for bigger guns. A handgun smaller than .380 caliber is worth $50, a .380 caliber or larger gun is worth $100 and an “assault style” rifle is worth $200.

The city is offering a total of $400,000 of gas, using funds provided by a donation from Circle K and matching state funds from police drug and asset seizures.

The guns can be traded in on Oct. 23 at four local churches: Greater Beech Grove Baptist Church, Mt. Zion First Baptist Church, Greater Sixty Aid Baptist Church and Healing Place Church.

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