Bay Ridge, Brooklyn cuts funding for veterans parade (video).

Many of them paid the ultimate price for their service…

Many of them paid the ultimate price for their service to our country, but now the City wants war veterans to cough up money for their own honorary parade.

Due to severe budget cuts, some local legislators are cutting the funding to the Annual Brooklyn Memorial Day Parade. “It’s a shame really; we should remember the families and those lost. I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed,” said Prisco DeAngelis, a Korean War Veteran who organizes the parade every year. De Angelis says they are short twenty thousand dollars.

The Parade, which travels down 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge, is the longest running memorial parade in the nation, 144 years consecutively.

“I’m giving them a thousand dollars if the city won’t,” said Frankie Marra, a Bay Ridge resident.

Source: Monica Morales for WPIX.

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