Belleville, Illinois Police Lift Ban On Denny’s

Belleville Police Chief William Clay has lifted the ban that…

Belleville Police Chief William Clay has lifted the ban that kept on-duty officers away from the Denny’s restaurant on South Illinois.

The chief issued the ban after a plain-clothes police officer was asked to remove their gun inside the restaurant.

A Denny’s official met with police Thursday and assured them Denny’s welcomes any law enforcement officer to carry their weapons while inside a Denny’s.

The restaurant called the situation a “misunderstanding.”

Denny’s customers tell Fox 2 they are “glad” the ban is over.

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  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Way to break weak
    Seriously, said it before, sheepdogs look like wolves cause they have teeth to sheeple. This has to change cause everyone with teeth isnt bad and by breaking weak like this you have just helped the sheeple

  • EGS

    Lifting a ban because of an apology is like eating a box of twinkies when you’re on a diet. The officers should have maintained the ban or at least do so discretely (allowing the restaurant to save face while still not giving patronage).

  • Kevin

    Its a sad day when peace officers are asked to leave because of rogue manager. Bet that same manager would love to see armed officers if he was being robbed. I guess this is just another sign of how strange our society is becoming.