Benchmade & Harley Davidson team up for Harley Davidson Knives

Benchmade has launched a new Harley Davidson website that features…

hdbenchmade.gifBenchmade has launched a new Harley Davidson website that features the entire product line for Harley Davidson Knives, manufactured exclusively by Benchmade Knife Company.  Check out the goods at!

The bond between blades and bikers is almost as branded as the 105-year-old backyard start-up company Harley-Davidson. Benchmade Knife Company understands and shares this bond in the knife industry and recently announced an official license agreement with Harley-Davidson. The new Harley line will be initially sold to the Harley-Davidson dealer network. After dealership distribution, Benchmade will sell the Harley-Davidson Knife Line to premium Benchmade dealers. The knives will be divided into three classes: Classic, Chrome and Custom. With the exception of a money clip, products will be 100% USA made.

For more information on Benchmade or Harley-Davidson Knives, visit or or call (800) 800-7427.

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