Beretta Nano, a new subcombact 9mm? "Beretta has registered a new trademark with the USTPO.…
“Beretta has registered a new trademark with the USTPO. There’s a site that tracks new trademarks and brand marks (sorta like the sites that track government contracts) and there’s a page with some info on “NANO” registered by Beretta. The image looks like the font Beretta has been using for their “Beretta” logo, etc. that I had gotten permission to use for the forum logo.”

What could be Beretta’s all-new Nano is discussed at length here:

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    One very sexy sub compact. The oldest company in the world does it again. Now we need a date on the U.S. civilian version of the ARX-160. So we will need to pre-order it. Price: $2,400.00