Bloomberg stance on Gun Control gains praise from Biden.

Biden Backs Bloomberg Stance on Gun Control

Bloomberg stance on Gun Control gains praise from Biden

Vice President Joe Biden is in awe of the Bloomberg stance on Gun Control, stating that change will eventually come, and according to Biden, “when it comes, … it will be because Mike has sent it.”

Appearing at the Clinton Global Initiative conference to present Bloomberg with the Leadership in Public Service award “Your passion about reducing gun violence in this country is something that’s become contagious,” Biden said. “Mike knows that we only can bring sanity to this issue when we come together and demand it.”


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  • Liam

    A mental health sufferer without a gun will kill fewer people than one with a gun. Stop using the second amendment to justify a selfish desire to have firearms. The constitution was amended to allow firearms to be possessed by a well regulated militia, it can be amended again to restrict those rights. When you abuse the rights you’ve got, don’t whinge when you lose them.

    • Chris Bergen

      A mental health sufferer with a gun will kill far fewer people if more people carry guns for self defense.

      The constitution was NOT amended to add the “well regulated militia” part, that’s only stating a reason why the right of the people to bear arms shall nt be infringed. And it’s not the ONLY reason…. These Rights are not something that can be simply taken away on a whim, these are the unalienable rights written about by our founding fathers. Because a mentally ill person kills a crowd with a car, should we then ban cars?

  • Justin

    When are these people going to wake up and find the real reason for these mass shootings…mental health issues, violence in our media (TV, Movies, and most of all…video games) and the amount of drugs that doctors are prescribing our youth. WAKE UP PEOPLE!