Bills propose changes to Missouri concealed weapon laws; renewals and fee increase.

Citizens with permits to carry concealed weapons would have to…

Citizens with permits to carry concealed weapons would have to renew their permit every five years — instead of three — under several legislative proposals being considered this year.

Seven bills filed in the House also would lower the age to get a concealed carry weapon permit from 23 to 21.

On Wednesday, the House Agri-Business Committee held hearings on proposals dealing with concealed weapons and self-defense.

One bill that lowers the age for carrying a concealed weapon also would expand the right to use deadly force against any unlawful intruder on private property to any area of the property outside of the home. The current law, known as the Castle Doctrine, gives individuals the right to use deadly force against intruders in their home.

Republicans Eric Burlison of Springfield, Mike Parson of Bolivar and Don Ruzicka of Mount Vernon were among the six representatives sponsoring bills to expand the renewal period for CCW permits. Some of the bills have slight differences.

Burlison’s legislation just increases the renewal period to five years. He wanted to pursue a six-year renewal period. But that would exceed federal law, making CCW permit holders submit to a background check each time they purchase a firearm, said Whitney O’Daniel, lobbyist for the National Rifle Association.

Parson’s legislation would require permit holders to take an online course during the third year of the five-year period to learn any changes in law regarding firearms and CCW permits. “The people who have conceal carry weapons are law-abiding citizens,” said the former Polk County sheriff.

The CCW permits cost $100 and $50 to renew in Greene and Christian counties. The money mostly goes toward a conducting criminal background check with the FBI and covering the county sheriff’s cost of issuing the permits.

Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott, who did not attend the hearing, said he supports Parson’s approach. He would like for sheriffs to have the ability to conduct a new background check three years into a five-year period.

Ruzicka’s bill would expand current law allowing judges and court officers to carry weapons to prosecuting and circuit attorneys.

Parson’s bill would increase the renewal fee to $75 to help county sheriffs deal with receiving less revenue from fewer renewals.

Source: News-Leader Springfield, Missouri

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  • What about the fact that Resident Aliens are unable to get a CCW in the state of their residence? We need to end the attempted discrimination against those who are 1/2 way through their process of becoming CItizens and grant them the same access to personal safety that EVERY OTHER CCW STATE DOES. These folks go through a much more strenuous process at the federal level than any natural-born Citizen does, what makes them unable to get CCW permits in this state?

    This issue is near and dear to me as my wife of 15 years is a REsident Alien who is going to complete her Naturalization as soon as we are able to. I was born here, so I am able to get my MO CCW without issue but as a show of solidarity I will be getting a non-resident out of state CW permit when she gets hers.

    I am trying to get support for this change which would extend the ability to get a CCW from MO for folks who have had much more government exposure than the person who currently can get a CCW issued by this state. I am getting a lot of push back from those who feel that anyone that has ‘alien’ in their status means that they are America-hating terrorists. This is simply not the case.

    Eeryone that is here as a Resident Alien has their fingerprints on file with the DHS, has met with at least two members of that agency and has an FBI file. They have much more information for NICS to be able to verify that they are actually who they say they are for the process of determining that they can or can not posses a firearm. Also, they do not have access to a jury and face deportation if they break the law.

    I am asking for folks from my state of Missouri to contact Ruzicka and Parsons and see if it is possible to add provisions to grant CCWs to Resident Aliens.