Bin Laden raid ‘not assassination’: US law chief.

The US commando raid that killed Osama bin Laden was…

The US commando raid that killed Osama bin Laden was “not an assassination”, US Attorney General Eric Holder said Thursday after the Al-Qaeda leader’s sons denounced the operation.

Holder told the BBC the raid on bin Laden’s hideout in Pakistan on May 2 was a “kill or capture mission” and that his surrender would have been accepted if offered, but that the safety of US Navy commandos was paramount.

“What happened to bin Laden was not an assassination,” Holder said.

“I think the action that we took against him can be seen as an act of national self-defence. You have to remember it is lawful to target an enemy commander,” he said.

Source: AFP

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  • Holder continues to investigate innocent and previously investigated CIA interrogators….yet finds shooting an unarmed man in the face..lawful. Nice.